The compass: a handmade product made with traditional care

As in all sectors of Italian artisanal products, from manufacturing to food, the compass has remained unchanged over time by the uniqueness and authenticity typical of a product made with care in which many stages of processing, such as the minute assemblies, packaging and especially the control tests of each piece are still entirely manual.

From the days of the first post-war period, and across three generations to this day, our company has always been characterized by a strong “family” imprint.
For this reason, thanks to the constant presence in the company, the direct relationship with the employees, and a great spirit of sacrifice, our compass has maintained over time its true product nature predominately cared by the ancient artisan knowledge.

Our compasses are, still today, “gone over” by hand one by one from the masters of those rare holders of a profession now in danger of extinction.

We preserve craftsmanship with a look to the future

On the other hand, the flexibility and adaptability of a family-owned artisan company have enabled us to cope with the rapid technological evolution and the ever more demanding market demands of modern times, as well as the various crisis in the sector that has occurred over the years, most recently the one that has followed the arrival of personal computers and their increasingly sophisticated software.

Thanks to the constant innovation of our production processes and the continuous search for new materials, Botti Design is now able to offer a technically advanced precision instrument, with ever more modern and captivating shapes and designs.

Through new commercial strategies and due to the introduction of the marketing of new products complementary to the compass, today Botti Design is able to meet the demands of the increasingly demanding European market of large-scale retail trade, both for the educational sector and for the more highly technical and precision fields.

Palosco, the European capital of the compass

Located in Palosco, which, as has by now become well known, is still the European capital of the compass, our company covers a comprehensive area of ​​about 2000 square meters, with two operating facilities, one strictly for production and one recently acquired of logistics and commercial.

The machines used in the production process are now automated with the help of PLC, an association of electronics and mechanics that enables us to carry out the most difficult and minute operations that a technical tool like the compass requires.

Our workshop is presently capable of producing up to 5,000 finished pieces per day and for the extraordinary supplies resulting from the seasonal nature of the sector we sometimes make use of the collaboration of local subcontractracted craftsmen.

It is a process that starts and ends in Palosco, enabling us to label all our products with ‘Made in Italy’, a synonym of guarantee and quality that has distinguished us for more than fifty years.

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